General Conditions

  • Smoking is only permitted outside of the Lodge.
  • Parking is not allowed in the circle drive or by the garage door. Please move all vehicles to parking lot immediately after load in. It is your responsibility to tell your vendors and guests.
  • All food and beverages must be supplied by Kilharen’s Lodge, with the exception of wedding cakes and punch.
  • Only approved fasteners may be used to hang signs or other material in the Lodge.
  • No rice, birdseed or confetti may be used.  Bubbles, bells and sparklers are some approved ideas.
  • No shoe polish or shaving cream may be used that would harm the interior or exterior of the building.  This includes the sidewalks.
  • All alcoholic beverages must be purchased through Kilharen’s Lodge.  No exceptions! Outside alcohol in the building will result in loss of your deposit.
  • No one is allowed in the posted “staff only” areas of the Lodge. For example, the kitchen, sound room, supply room or garage area of the Lodge. 


  • Kilharen’s shall not be held liable for any loss, stolen, missing or damaged personal property.  Guest agrees to indemnify and hold Kilharen’s Lodge harmless from any and all claims arising from lost, stolen missing or damaged personal property.
  • Guest agrees to release, indemnify and hold Kilharen’s Lodge harmless, including the attorney fees and costs incurred, from any and all claims or judgments arising from the guests’ use of the Lodge and surrounding areas, including but not limited to, any claims for damages and injury.
  • Kilharen’s Lodge will be responsible for obtaining a signed copy of this contract agreement prior to rental.  


A non-refundable reservation fee of $500 is required to reserve the facility.  The balance of the rental is due no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. 

Final Balance Due Date

At time of rental agreement we will set up a 2 week prior appointment.  At this appointment, we will decide on final count, seating arrangements and general details.  Your entire balance plus the damage deposit will be due at this time. NO EXCEPTIONS


If written notice of cancellation is not received in our office 90 days prior to the date of the event your entire rental fee will be due.  If you send written notice of cancellation before the 90 day deadline, you will lose only your deposit.

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These policies & frequently asked questions apply to both inside and outside venues.

Damage Deposit Agreement
The damage deposit of $200 ($400 if alcohol is served) may be applied against any cost to repair or replace damage or loss occurring caused by you and your guests.  This deposit will be due 14 days prior to your event.  Cash, personal check or credit card number will be sufficient for this payment.  

There are a few places in the Lodge posted STAFF ONLY (kitchen, sound room, supply room & garage). Should we find members of your party in those areas, you will lose your deposit.  An inspection will be conducted by KILHAREN’S MANAGEMENT before and after the event.  You have the right and are encouraged to participate in the inspection.  

If by chance the damage deposit does not cover the repairs or replacement: the unpaid expenses will be billed to you and you agree to pay expenses within (10) days of receipt.  This deposit may also be used to compensate for time used in excess of the scheduled/paid for amount.  The damage deposit will be returned to you within 3 days after to the event.  If you do not pick up the check, it will be voided and mailed back to you.  


How long should we rent the Lodge?

Your rental time starts when you arrive.  Please take into consideration if you or your florist need to decorate or take pictures this should be included in that time frame.  Also, take into consideration the nature of your event.  If it is a party where you will be dancing or having entertainment, don’t cut yourselves short.

What if we go over our time?

 We ask you to be considerate of our time as we are of yours. The building will be opened at the time you have chosen for your rental to begin. If additional time is used during the event, there will be a $150 per hour charge. Please note that anytime over 15 minutes = 1 hour.  If you do go over, the extra time will be taken out of your damage deposit.

What are the dimensions of the Lodge?

The Lodge is 60x100 with a balcony for additional seating.  We can seat 400 people for a sit down dinner.  If you would like to leave the dance floor open about 300 people seated.

Do we need to provide our own music?

Yes.   We do have connections with area musicians and DJ’s that we recommend.  Please include entertainment in your event it really makes the party!

Do we need to have our own servers?

No.  Kilharen’s Lodge has a staff to provide this service for you.  Our servers are $15 per hour.   Serving fees will be determined by your menu and serving style.

When can the bakery and florist deliver?

Cake and flower deliveries may be made at your scheduled rental time.   Deliveries should be coordinated with Kilharen’s staff.

What if fewer guests come than I paid for?

You will give us a guaranteed number of guests no later than 2 weeks prior to your event.  There are no refunds if fewer guests come than the guaranteed number.  We will have enough food prepared for the number of guests you quoted us.

Does Kilharen’s have a dressing area?

We have a bridal dressing area upstairs with access to the restrooms. The men can use the downstairs restrooms.